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A Jesus first, and agenda-free workbook for orthodox Methodist confirmation.  


The 12 sessions cover the Bible and how it is organized, the life of Jesus Christ, the triune God, the history of the early church, and living a Christian life.


Easy to read with discussion questions built into the text. Reviews, fieldwork, and bonus questions keep the confirmands engaged in the process. 


This material is designed to create a watershed moment for our young people. They are asked to step up and take their places in the church.


Patterned after the Jewish custom of Bar/Bat Mitzvah, this program embraces the adolescent need for active learning, encourages questions and discussion, and invites them to make their faith the defining force in their lives. 


Cross Training was created by a Global Methodist Elder and a seasoned Christian educator, specifically for the use of Global Methodist Congregations. Any orthodox Wesleyan faith community will find this a helpful way to educate young people.  

Cross Training: Confirming Your Faith

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